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Life Is What Happens While You’re Making Other Plans

February 16, 2010

This one came to me quite a while ago, during a very long day at the office…

I wonder who I used to be?
I know it wasn’t this
My father always taught me
‘always follow your bliss’
but mine doesn’t pay the mortgage
and so I’m cursed always to wile
my life away from nine to five
at nothing that’s worthwhile
Just filling up the hours
and thinking of what once could be
I’m enchained now to my paycheck
never to break free
I used to know how passion felt
a rampant fire deep within
Now my soul begins softly weeping
for the cage it’s been placed in
all that’s left is ash and ember
and a smoke-filled question on the wind:
I wonder who I was supposed to be?
I know it wasn’t this


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