Starting Again

I used to want to be a writer.

I used to write. All the time. It was my identity. No matter what else I was doing, I always had some story in mind. A blank page was always an opportunity.

But something changed along the way. “Real” life interfered, I suppose. My days became filled with other pursuits. Block set in. Blank pages started to stare accusingly at me while I searched for the words to fill them. So I gradually let go of writing. And then I sold my soul to the demon Practicality, and started pursing an accounting degree.

The stories never left me, though. I just need a way to get past the blank page. I need an impetus to write; I’m hoping this page can provide it, though this is the sort of project I usually leap into with boundless enthusiasm for a few weeks, then abandon to gather cyber-dust forevermore. I’m going to *try* not to let that happen here.


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